Quick Start

The first version of the protocol allows the core functionality to be used to mint both GEX tokens and stablecoins.

Step 1: buy GEX

The GEX token can only be obtained by depositing collateral in one of the Genesis Liquidity Pools. Currently there are 5 types of assets that are accepted as collateral: gold, Bitcoin and the native currencies of the blockchains in which the protocol operates (Ethereum, BNB and Avalanche).

Choose network and collateral

Not all assets are available on all networks (for example, tokenized gold only exists on Ethereum), so depending on the network you want to operate on, the type of usable collateral will be different. To see detailed information of the tokens visit this page:


Buy collateral

Once you have decided what type of collateral you want to use, locate which exchanges or DEX trade the asset to acquire it.

If you don't know any, you can use an aggregator like Coingecko or Coin Market Cap to find a place to purchase collateral.

Supply collateral to Geminon pools

The GEX token can be traded using the Genesis Liquidity Pools of the protocol through our app: https://app.geminon.fi.

Split your trades if they are expected to have a big price impact on the pool, this will give you a better result than a single big trade.

This tip only applies to Geminon's Genesis Liquidity Pools since they don't strictly follow an AMM constant product formula (like Uniswap pools). GLPs are technically Entropy Capturing Machines, so the less entropy (price impact) yor trade causes in the pool, the better result you will get.

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