Deployment addresses

Geminon is a native multichain protocol, which means that all of its smart contracts and functionalities are available on multiple blockchains simultaneously.

The protocol has been initially deployed on Ethereum, BSC and Avalanche. The deployment has been done in such a way that the addresses of each token and modules match in all chains whenever possible. The only exception is the Pax Gold and Tether Gold Genesis Liquidity Pools, which are only available in the Ethereum network.

The code of all smart contracts listed here is public and verified.

Deployer (owner)

The deployer of the smart contracts is the owner and therefore is the only address that can use certain functions in the contracts, some of which are critical for the safety of the protocol. See the section of safety tips for more information about this.

  • 0x88d70DEBB940E0bEE526981D99B0f3000E0a3268

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